What are the Advantages of Playing Live Blackjack at Bet4Joy Casino?

Live Blackjack has no analogs. This is a favorite card game among gambling fans around the world. As Live Blackjack is considered the most popular card game in an online casino, Bet4Joy Casino has prepared something special for you! We offer Live Blackjack variations from XProGaming and Ezugi. If you are not familiar with them yet, you’ll be surprised at just how exciting they can be. Join Are ready for the most realistic casino experience online?
The Live Blackjack has a powerful technological base and is distinguished by a detailed visualization. Live Blackjack is as close as possible to playing in a land-based casino. This game has rightfully earned the trust of many gambling fans, who can boast of remarkable cash winnings. Choose Bet4Joy Casino and start your amazing gambling journey!

Advantages of Live Blackjack

Live casinos are virtual platforms where you can play one of your favorite gambling games. However, these are not just slot machines – on the other side of the screen there is not a robot, but a real person, a real dealer. Blackjack is one of the most popular online games. This is a favorite choice among players all over the world.

Today, online casinos with live dealers entered our life and are here to stay. They offer customers the possibility to play with a live dealer. As a rule, that is attractive young men or girls who have received appropriate training and are qualified for this position. They fully control the process of the game, communicating with players, accepting bets, and announcing the results.

The main unique advantages for players:

- Interaction with real dealers

- The ability to play with side bets (Perfect pairs, Doubling; 21+3, and other additional bets)

- Image transfer in HD quality and the possibility to choose the viewing angles of the game

- Engaging gameplay

- User-friendly interface

- Interactive game environment.


The main advantages of Blackjack with live dealers

The most important Live Blackjack advantage is that each player has the opportunity to track all the actions of the dealer and control the honesty of everything that happens. In addition, the player can use the card counting system and, accordingly, win with its help – this practice is strictly prohibited in land-based casinos.

Among other Blackjack with live dealer advantages, are:

-        The atmosphere of a land-based casino. The charm of a real casino, interior design, music, and communication with a real person cannot be compared with anything else. Even only after one game, an incredible impression remains for a long time and makes you want to return. Playing live blackjack is no less exciting. Sometimes, this option is even more convenient and comfortable: you do not need to go anywhere, you only need a computer with stable Internet access to spend time playing your favorite game. While the presence of a live dealer creates the very unique atmosphere of a land-based casino. Thanks to the high-quality image in HD-standard, the choice of viewing angles, a friendly interface, players can enjoy a real entourage of the land-based casino.

-        Pleasant communicationwith a dealer. Live Blackjack in a live casino is not uninteresting. Players are not left to themselves - they are not alone and are involved in an exciting gambling process. Everyone can watch the actions of a live dealer who deals with the cards. The players seem to be present in the studio, equipped with the latest technology: professional lighting and gaming equipment, several cameras which are aimed at the dealer, transmitting a high-quality, bright and clear picture. You can communicate with a dealer through an individual online chat while playing Live Blackjack.

-        The large size of the maximum bets. The bet limit in blackjack with live dealers is much higher than in the standard versions of the game. The highest bet can reach 10 thousand euros, although the minimum bid can be only 1 euro. Players don’t have limits in their bets, the main thing here is to remain calm and not lose your head.

-        Request for session analysis. Many live casinos where you can play live blackjack have implemented technologies and tools for analyzing your past games. You can request such "statistics" to understand how the game went from a technical point of view, what mistakes were made and, what successful combinations have appeared. Such analysis allows you to secure the game in the future, protect profitability, as well as develop further tactics.


How to beat the online casino in Live Blackjack?

Statistically, online casino has a better chance of winning, on average, eight percentage points higher than players. Although, professional blackjack players can reduce this gap to one or two percentage points.

When playing online blackjack, the situation is more complicated because of the inability to read the "emotions" of the dealer. The only way to win is to tune in to the inner voice and recognize the signals given by it. Also, it will be useful to have an idea of the mathematical probability of sorting out certain cards, based on the "score" of the cards accumulated on the hands.

Look at the table below:

The number of points

Probability of going bust, %

1 to 11




















21 or more


As you can see, a player who has 14 or more points on his hands is obviously at high risk. His chances of winning are smaller with each new attempt to pull out another card.

Remember, there is no mathematical formula that would allow you to knowingly pull out a winning combination. That is why all mathematical calculations applied to the issue under consideration are auxiliary.

The dealer's final hand

The following table shows the probability of how many points the dealer will score. For example, the probability that the dealer will collect blackjack (21 points from two cards) is 4.83%. The third column shows the total percentage values, from it we see that the dealer will collect from 17 to 21 points in 71.64% of cases.

The dealer's final hand


Total %

21 (Blackjack)



21 (3 or more cards)















Probability of going bust



House Advantage with Multiple Number of Decks

Number of Decks

House Odds Advantage

Single Deck


Double Deck


Four Decks


Six Decks


Eight Decks


Two Card Frequency Odds

Two Card Combination

Frequency Percentage

Natural 21 Blackjack


Hard Standing (17 - 20)


Decision Hands (2-16)


No Bust


Total (all two-card hands)


Dealer Final Hand Probability Odds

Dealer Final Hand

Probability of Getting Final Hand

Natural Blackjack


21 (more than 2 cards)










Non-Bust (less than 21)


Bust (more than 21)



If you decided to switch to live blackjack with a real dealer, you will certainly get the maximum enjoyment from the process. Live Blackjack is so real, the only difference is that you are sitting at home in a comfortable chair.

Bet4Joy Casino invites you to put your knowledge into practice and win big!

Enjoy our selection of online Blackjack games available to play 24/7/365. 

Experience live Blackjack in real-time at Bet4Joy Casino!

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